Skipper’s Alley is a band born out of the ever-burgeoning Dublin folk music

scene, combining traditional Irish music with contemporary sensibilities to create music

that is wild, gritty, ancient and still brand new.

Skipper’s Alley second album, The Oul Fip, to be released November 2019.

In my experience the people who most successfully push, play with and challenge musical forms and genres are the ones who know intimately that which they are experimenting with, and Skipper’s Alley are precisely that - all individually expert traditional musicians and singers using a lifetime of experience and knowledge to create music that is entirely familiar but at the same time brand new, like the Chieftains on some really good drugs.

‘The Oul Fip’ is perfectly performed, fantastically recorded, and not afraid in the slightest to wander into some very strange and exciting territory. John Francis Flynn’s timeless vocals, which I’ve been listening to with absolute pleasure for years at various sessions and parties, perfectly compliments the rousing banjo playing, dramatic flute, whistle and pipe tunes, and fantastically disconcerting warped and bending drones.

I can’t wait to see this material performed live. Undoubtedly their best yet.

—Daragh Lynch (Lankum)